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Anil Puri



Purico is a manufacturing company with interests in niche areas such as being the only major manufacturer of under the bonnet Blow Moulded Parts for the Automotive Industry, supplying all major manufacturers in the UK. Being the 2nd largest manufacturer of Chrome plated parts for the Auto Industry in the world with the single largest operation in the world. The leading manufacturer of Tea and Coffee papers in the world. One of only two manufacturers in the world producing Sausage Casing papers. Paper Manufacture & Distribution, one of the paper mills is 99.9% export and the 2nd paper mill exports 70% of its production worldwide. Polymers & Plastics. IT & Communications. Engineering. Trading Companies. Hospitality & Real Estate & Property Investments.

Purico is a Private Company and employs over 3,500 people worldwide, in the UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Mexico, China and Hong Kong. The Groups’ annual sales turnover exceeds US $500million.


Anil‘s uncle Professor Nat Puri set up the Puri Foundation, a charitable trust in 1988 and The 3R’s Education Trust in 2006, averaging over £500,000 a year for good causes since 1988. Anil is a trustee of the Puri Foundation and 3Rs Education Trust, it has schools in Nepal and a University and School in India.


Anil Puri, Chairman ‐ Purico Limited, based in Nottingham. He takes a keen interest in motorcycles, fine wines and new technology. He has full executive responsibilities for the HO management of this leading edge international manufacturing group.